Free Customer and Object Due Diligence Webinar for AMPs

Free webinar for Art Market Participants: Customer and Object Due Diligence – Managing Risk and Criminal Liability

Brought to you by FCS Compliance, working in partnership with The Art Loss Register

Join us on Monday 20 May – 5pm – 6pm (BST)

About the webinar:


Due Diligence is a means to uncover risks. Being able to identify, and resolve or  minimise transaction risks in the art market is sometimes legally required but always commercially helpful. In this webinar, Rena Neville (FCS Compliance), Paula Trommel (FCS Compliance), have partnered with James Ratcliffe (Art Loss Register), to discuss the risks associated with both Customer and Object Due Diligence; and importantly give tips on how to uncover and resolve risks, helping  to avoid criminal liability. (Learn more about your hosts below.)

What you will learn:


  • What the different criminal, civil, commercial and reputational risks inherent in art market transactions
  • What the red flags that might suggest a need for enhanced due diligence in particular areas are
  • How to identify, and resolve, risks associated with objects being sold and their past ownership history
  • How to identify and resolve, risks associated with the people involved with  transactions, such as the owners, the buyers and intermediaries
  • Key steps to protect yourself from these transaction risks and the advantages of approaching due diligence from both the people and object perspective.
  • How Russian Sanctions and Bans have changed the UK landscape in the art market, and how to avoid these specific risks.
  • How to determine if you should file a Suspicious Activity Report when a risk is discovered.
  • When art market participants must or should do “people” and/or “object” due diligence and how to ensure that due diligence remains proportionate

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Your webinar hosts:

Rena-200px Paula-200px James-Ratcliffe-Art-Loss-Register-(ALR)-pic3
Rena Neville
Paula Trommel
Head Advisor
James Ratcliffe
Director of Recoveries & General Counsel
Art Loss Register