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It is a legal requirement for all relevant employees to receive anti-money laundering training and to stay up-to-date with the current regulations.

Our experts at FCS Compliance offer comprehensive CPD-certified training for all levels of staff to support compliance with Regulation 24 of the Money Laundering Regulations 2017. These can be conducted both remotely and onsite.

We are established compliance trainers with extensive knowledge of primary and secondary legislation, and are chosen as partners by UK-wide industry associations, such as NAEA Propertymark, to help raise standards and minimise the risk of criminal activity within regulated businesses.

FCS Compliance CPD-Certified AML compliance
The following programmes are available as private or group sessions:
FOUNDATION LEVEL (4 hours over 2 days – Property Market  |  3hrs – Art Market)

Are all your relevant staff aware of the law relating to money laundering and terrorist financing? Can they recognise suspicious activities and are you confident they know how to deal with them? This 4-hour foundation course covers all the responsibilities set out by government and ensures attendees fully understand and can implement the correct procedures.

Please note: when conducted online, the course will be delivered in digestible sessions that run over the course of two consecutive days.

ADVANCED LEVEL (4 hours over 2 days)

This 4-hour course is designed for those working in the property sector who have previously undertaken the foundation level course or experienced real estate professionals who wish to have a greater understanding of their legal obligations.

Please note: when conducted online, the course will be delivered in digestible sessions that run over the course of two consecutive days.


To ensure ongoing compliance, all relevant employees must stay abreast of the very latest legislation. We provide 1-hour refresher courses that bring attendees up-to-speed with everything they need to know.

Please note: registrants must have attended an AML Foundation Level Course in order to meet the legal requirements.

MLRO COURSE (2 hours)

This 2-hour course is designed specifically for Money Laundering Reporting Officers (MLROs) or more experienced AML practitioners. Delegates complete the course, equipped with the knowledge needed to ensure they can competently undertake their duties and the requisite skills to adopt a risk-based approach to their firm’s working practices.

Please note: attendees for this course should presently hold the role of ‘MLRO’ or ‘Deputy MLRO’ within their own firm and have previous experience of attending a money laundering course in order to understand the basic issues relating to the topic.

Please note:
If you are an AML Support Subscriber at FCS Compliance, please contact Georgie via to access your discounted training rates.
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Forthcoming group courses for the Property and Art Markets (delivered via Zoom):


Date Duration Course Type Register
23rd May 2 hrs Specialist MLRO Book
10th & 11th June 2 x 2 hrs Advanced Book
12th June 1 hr Refresher Book
17th & 18th June 2 x 2 hrs Foundation Book
27th June 2 hrs Specialist MLRO Book
2nd & 3rd July 2 x 2 hrs Foundation Book
8th & 9th July 2 x 2 hrs Advanced Book
10th July 1 hr Refresher Book
15th & 16th July 2 x 2 hrs Foundation Book
17th July 2 hrs Specialist MLRO Book
15th August 1 hr Refresher Book


Date Duration Course Type Register
4th June 3 hrs Foundation Book
5th June 1.5 hrs Refresher Book
2nd July 3 hrs Foundation Book
3rd July 1.5 hrs Refresher Book
4th July 2 hrs Specialist MLRO Book
6th August 3 hrs Foundation Book
7th August 1.5 hrs Refresher Book

A note on AML training requirements. The UK “Regulations” specify the following:

  • 9.15. Staff training is necessary when staff join the business, move to a new job or when they change roles. They should also have ongoing training at least every 2 years or when a significant change happens, for example, legislation or the business’s risk assessment changes.
  • We recommend our Foundation Level course for those that have not attended one of our AML training courses before and for any new staff joining the company as this is the entry level, legal requirement course. Our top-up/ refresher course is 1 hour in duration and should be attended no later than every 2 years. As good practice we would recommend attending a refresher course yearly.
  • FCS Compliance frequently runs private training sessions for businesses and runs webinars for its partners to assist their members or clients. If you are interested to learn more about private training sessions or partnering with us, please get in touch by emailing


Contact Georgie Tarry, Senior Account Manager at FCS Compliance, if you would like to find out more, or have a specific question, about our anti-money laundering training courses:

Excellent training. We have had really positive feedback from all our staff, especially the Partners. We all agreed it was far more interesting than we envisaged and that’s probably down to Malcolm, managing to make what is considered a dull subject, into something tangible and real. Everyone is now very aware and rejuvenated in AML processes.


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