Snoofa and FCS Compliance held an exclusive webinar for AMPs

As you may know, HMRC are enthusiastically conducting interventions of Art Market Participants (AMPs), and many tuned in for Tuesday’s webinar (21.11.2023) on ‘Avoiding CDD Pitfalls: How to Decrease the Likelihood of HMRC Penalties’, held by Snoofa and FCS Compliance.

Missed the webinar? Catch up here.

This popular webinar covered many of the key questions and concerns surrounding CDD:

  • When you are obliged to conduct CDD
  • When you might not need to conduct CDD
  • The types of CDD questions that HMRC ask during an intervention
  • Understanding what some of the most common CDD pitfalls are
  • How to use technology to support conducting CDD
  • How to safely store CDD information in keeping with both UK Money Laundering Regulations and GDPR
  • Government Guidance on “Linked Transactions”
  • Plus, find out what Snoofa and FCS Compliance do to help customers comply, including record keeping and tracking internal suspicious activity reports.