Rightmove webinar puts FCS Compliance in the hot seat – Wed 4 May

Wednesday 4 May – Your Anti-Money Laundering (AML) questions answered

Your Anti-Money Laundering Questions Answered is the latest in the series of webinars hosted by Rightmove and fronted by FCS Compliance.

Malcolm Driscoll, Lead AML Consultant at FCS Compliance will be in the hot seat on Wednesday 4 May when between 10.00 and 11.00 am he’ll be answering questions put to him by Rightmove members. 

With the clampdown on ‘dirty’ money hitting the headlines, HMRC inspectors are set to further increase their AML activity in routing out non-compliance in the UK estate agency sector. The time is now for agents to get absolute certainty about their legal AML obligations.


In addition to addressing attendees’ questions, Malcolm, who has over 40 years’ experience of working in financial fraud and crime enforcement, will also be giving practical advice on the following:

  • Handling suspicious activity – what agents need to know
  • New economic sanctions – the importance of robust, up to date CDD processes
  • The real risks of turning a blind eye to AML obligations
  • HMRC – the return of on-premise inspections

Webinar Summary

Title: Your Anti-Money Laundering (AML) questions answered
Time: 10am to 11am
Date: Wednesday 4 May
Cost: Free to Rightmove members
Register: https://hub.rightmove.co.uk/your-anti-money-laundering-aml-questions-answered/

Rightmove members will be able to attend this webinar free of charge.
Visit the Rightmove Hub for further details and to register.