FCS Founder, Jerry Walters, recounts his investigation of Giovanni di Stefano in new Sky Documentary.

This fascinating three-part documentary is now available on Sky Documentaries. Entitled ‘The Devil’s Advocate’, the programme follows the criminal career of notorious fraudster and conman, Giovanni di Stefano, and the incredible 7-year police investigation lead by Founder of FCS Compliance, Jerry Walters (then Detective Constable at City of London Police) which brought di Stefano to justice.  

Di Stefano, who masqueraded as a lawyer with no legal qualifications, claimed to represent some of the world’s most infamous dictators and criminal figures, including Manuel Noriega, Saddam Hussein, Charles Manson and Slobodan Milosevic. He was handed a 14-year sentence in 2013 after being convicted of 26 offences, including deception, fraud and money-laundering, and is due to be released next year.