“Best “training” I’ve seen. I actually watched it twice!” Industry reaction to recent FCS webinar on Rightmove Hub.

The latest webinar conducted by FCS MD, Jerry Walters, on the Rightmove Hub has been comprehensively applauded by attendees with many reporting on the impressive level of expertise and practicality of the session.

The session, entitled ‘Identifying the Beneficial Owner of Companies and Trusts’, went live on Tuesday 18 May.

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“I thought it was really, really goodI actually watched it twice! Most AML training just goes on about examples of cases but doesn’t actually explain what the documents are and how they provide a picture of the company/trust etc.

Best “training” I’ve seen. Made notes and everything!!”

With close to 200 agents in attendance live on the day and many more registering to access the recording, the webinar focused on helping agents understand their legal responsibilities when it comes to dealing with corporate entities, such as companies and trusts – a favoured modus operandi of criminals looking to launder criminal proceeds in the housing market.

“[This session provided] everything, a breakdown of different corporate structures and exactly what we need and how to identify them. Best webinar I have done to date by far!”

The five learning points of the session included:

  • How companies and trusts are used for money laundering in the housing market
  • The difference between a company and a trust when it comes to CDD
  • The essential documents required for Customer Due Diligence
  • How to identify who the beneficial owner is
  • The major pitfalls when it comes to dealing with corporate entities.

“Excellent presentation and extremely informative”

“Concise, informative and interactive.”

“Just glad I joined”

Listen again
For those unable to attend the live event, you can access the recording here

FCS Compliance will hold the next webinar on the Rightmove Hub on 15 June. This session will focus on ‘All things AML’. Registration will be available soon and is free for Rightmove members.

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